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Who are we?

It's in 2013 that our story begins with the brewing of a beer with the means at hand. The objective was to brew beer in very small quantities from simple and authentic elements. And the result surprised us!


A good homemade beer!


From then on we decided to share with you our concept of home brewing beer in small quantities. We have therefore worked on a small complete kit to offer you a great experience. This is how the BREWANDBEER 5 liter kits were created. New recipes have been added to our range over time with a few "special series".


All our ingredients for brewing come from European suppliers specialized in this sector. The manufacturing as well as the creation of the recipes is carried out in Lorraine.


Production kit de brassage brewandbeer
Recharges bière Brewandbeer

Cuisine acuelle.

Le magasine cuisine actuelle à testé notre kit et nous a réservé un bel article dans son numéro hors série de Mars.

Leur avis:

"Ce kit s'adresse à de véritables amateurs de bière, possédant par ailleurs un bon sens pratique, de la patience et de la rigueur. Il est assez salissant et demande une cuisine pas trop exiguë. Mais le jeu en vaut la chandelle et procure un sentiment de fierté devant l'admiration et l'enthousiasme de l'entourage! L'envie de recommencer est bel et bien là, ce qui n'est pas forcement le cas pour les autres kits.

Brewandbeer in the press:

Les kits de brassage brewandbeer sur Cuisine actuelle
Current kitchen.


The current kitchen magazine has tested our kit and has reserved a nice article for us in its special issue of March. Their opinions:


"This kit is aimed at real beer lovers, who also have good practical sense, patience and rigour. It is quite messy and requires a not too cramped kitchen. But the game is worth the effort and provides a feeling of pride in front of the admiration and enthusiasm of the entourage!The desire to start over is definitely there, which is not necessarily the case for the other kits.


 Check it out here



Les kits de brassage Brewandbeer testés par Rue 89
Street 89 .


Who has never dreamed of being able to brew their own beer in the back of their cellar or in their kitchen? Sharing his creation with friends or, quite simply, keeping it for personal consumption is now accessible to everyone thanks to Paulin Bichotte, a young entrepreneur from the Vosges who has just created his small business: “ Brewandbeer_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_”.


Read the full article: here



Brewing for Dummies


The kits Brewandbeer contain all the essential instruments and ingredients for brewing...

Read the full article: here

Hook the cool app that talks about our kits.


In April 2015 HOOK contacted us to offer us a partnership on their application. It was a great success and we thank all this team for their app and their work.

Sceenshot of the app:

Video at coming.


Reportage kit de brassage Brewandbeer Vosges Télévision
Vosges television.



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