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The BrewAndBeer brewing kit

Made in France, the kit contains all the ingredients and equipment to easily brew 5 liters of good homemade beer. 


All you need is a 10L saucepan (a pressure cooker is fine). Our desire is to transform the ingredients as little as possible to offer you a complete   experience with noble and raw ingredients to brew your beer.


Each brewing kit regardless of recipe contains all the equipment and ingredients needed to brew home beer. 


  • carboy

  • bubbler

  • cork

  • thermometer

  • disinfectant

  • racking rod

  • adaptable caps

  • Access to detailed online brewing guide

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The ingredients:​

The ingredients to make your beer are individually packaged for optimal preservation and freshness. 


  • Hop flowers

  • Barley or ground wheat malt

  • Yeasts

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Choose your recipe recipe and start brewing!

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