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Who are we?

It's in 2013 that our story begins with the brewing of a beer with the means at hand. The objective was to brew beer in very small quantities from simple and authentic elements. And the result surprised us; 


A good home brewed beer!


Therefore we decided to share with you our concept of brewing home beer in small quantities. So we worked on a small complete kit to give you a great experience. This is how the BREWANDBEER 5 liter kits were created. New recipes have been added to our range over time with a few "special series". We produce our brewing kits and our refills to make your beer in the Vosges region Grand Est in France. We are proud to be able to work locally and to be able to offer our products across Europe.  All our brewing ingredients come from European suppliers specialized in this sector. The manufacturing as well as the creation of the recipes is carried out in Lorraine.

Our malt is supplied by the Weyermann malthouse in Bamberg, Germany, a very beautiful authentic malthouse managed by the Weyermann family.

Our carboys are made in Italy.

For almost 10 years, tens of thousands of liters of beer have been brewed thanks to the Brewandbeer brewing kit and refills! It's time to try the experience and join our amateur brewing club! 



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