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How to make your homemade beer?

Making beer in your house or apartment is simple with the   brewandbeer complete brewing kit, just follow the recipe and the 4 steps detailed below:


1: Brewing

2: Fermentation


3: Traffic jam


4: Tasting

Day 1  Brewing beer. 

Brewing consists of transforming the sugars contained in cereals to make them fermentable.


Process :

After having infused the cereals in hot water, the beer is separated from the cereals by filtering the whole.


The mixture is then brought to a boil. This is when the hops and possibly other spices are added. After cooling, the beer is ready for a first fermentation in a glass carboy.

Day 2 to 13  Fermentation  must

Beer fermentation begins when yeast is added to the wort. It is possible to see the start of fermentation after 12 to 24 hours when bubbles are visible in the bubbler (video opposite). And it will be like this for 14 days while the yeasts consume the sugars to produce alcohol and CO2.

With the Brewandbeer beer kits you can brew top-fermented beer. It takes place at a temperature between 15°C and 21°C  approximately, perfect for making beer in your kitchen or in a temperate cellar for example. 

After a first fermentation in a carboy, your beer needs a nice bottle and a little sugar in order to ferment again and create carbon dioxide which will form the foam and the bubbles of the beer.


To cap your bottles, the beer kit includes six caps that you can adapt to 75 cl bottles. 


Day 14: Traffic jam 

D-Day: Tasting your beer!

After 14 days in the bottle, your beer is ready to enjoy!


For an optimal experience, we advise you to place the beer bottles 24 hours in the refrigerator before tasting them. 


Above all, don't forget to invite a few friends to share this unique moment!


Image de Marina Zaharkina

Choose your recipe recipe and start brewing!

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