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Produced wheat-based and barley, this beer is characterized as sa whitish color  slightly cloudy.  Rolled oats  increase body and improve beer foam they also give beer a spicy grain taste._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_In the mouth, it is velvety.  Hallertau aromatic hops provide slightly spicy floral notes.


The smell is delicate and fresh, and delivers scents of bread, honey and citrus; it has a slightly tangy taste in the mouth.  This is a beer to be enjoyed as an aperitif or during a meal. The brewing kit allows you to brew 5 liters of beer, top fermentation  (fermentation temperature above 15°C).


Tasting tips: to taste very cold 4-5°C to reveal all the aromas of your special beer. 

    White beer kit refill

    • Color: Clear Orange

      Hops: Strongly hopped with specific citrus aromas.

      Alcohol: about 5%/VOL

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