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 Discover the Brewandbeer way to brew your very own beer!

Making your own beer in your home or apartment is quite simple and  really exciting! Our beer making kits are developed for beginners and advanced brewer by using premium and professionals raw ingredients like hops, barley and yeast.  If you wonder how to brew your own, enjoy the videos and this page.



5 étapes pour faire sa bière

Day 1: Brewing

Brewing is the first stage of beer making. This stage consists in transforming the sugars contained in the cereals into fermentable sugar which will produce alcohol and CO2


After infuse and brew in hot water different kind of cereals present in the brewandbeer mixes (included in kits), the liquid called wort  is separated from the cereals by filtering.

The liquid is then boiled; hops and other spices added. After cooling down, the beer is ready for a first fermentation in a glass bottle!

Day 2: Fermentation

After brewing, a first fermentation in the demijohn can begin after yeasts are added to the wort.

 After 12 to 24 hours, you can observe the firsts effects of the fermentation process in the blubber.  Let ferment your beer for 14 days at room temperature. During this process, yeasts transform sugars to produce alcohol and CO2.


Day 14: Botteling

After the first fermentation in the demijohn, your beer needs a nice bottle and some sugar to ferment a second time and create CO2 that will produce foam and bubbles in your beer.

To cork your bottles, Brewandbeer kits includes six caps that you can fit on most of 75 cl sparkling wine bottles.  We also sell accessories bottles of capsules and capsules in our shop.


Day 30: Tasting!


After the second fermentation step in bottles, your beer is ready to be tasted!

Before enjoy your very own beer, place them in a fridge for 24 hours.


Keep in mind, your beer is unique; do not forget to share this moment with your friends!


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